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Philip E. Jenks

Saint Fulty

By Philip E. Jenks

March 28, 2017

Although the stalemate surrounding where Saint Fulton J. Sheen's body will be buried is not unprecedented, the debate can be a touchy subject for his followers.  Read more »

Fred Cicetti

Fish Oil Won't Fix You

By Fred Cicetti

March 28, 2017

Fish oil may help, but there's no guarantee.  Read more »

John Rosemond

The Old Ways Still Work

By John Rosemond

March 28, 2017

Old parenting methods don't have an expiration date. Read more »

Jeanne Gladden

Change Trickles Down

By Jeanne Gladden

March 27, 2017

Leaders are responsible for presenting change in an inspirational and encouraging way.  Read more »

Robert Butler

'Beauty and the Beast': It'll Do

By Robert Butler

March 24, 2017

The stakes are high whenever old films are remade, but Robert Butler says "Beauty and the Beast" got the job done. Read more »

Robert Schrag

Trump's Backhanded Boost to Science

By Robert Schrag

March 23, 2017

Arguing data with those in power is as futile as my fruitless attempts to convince my smartphone-addicted students that the world will be unaffected, and they will be better informed if they go off the grid for 75 minutes. So, what do you do to make American science smart again? Read more »

Charles Bayer

We Really Do Care for One Another

By Charles Bayer

March 23, 2017

Though he notes that news headlines often perpetuate America as a land of rugged individualism and selfish ways, Charles Bayer reflects that, more often than not, he has seen perfect strangers go to great lengths to show common humanity and generosity to him.  Read more »

Bernd Debusmann

Trump Plan Slashes 'Soft Power'

By Bernd Debusmann

March 23, 2017

"America First": the truth behind Trump's budget. Read more »

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