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My #Twitter Transfusion

My #Twitter Transfusion ©

By John Bell

March 20, 2017

John Bell

John Bell is the retired CEO of coffee/confectioner Jacobs Suchard, now part of Kraft. As a strategy consultant, he has counseled some of the globe's most respected blue-chip consumer goods companies.

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Okay world, I’m going to admit it. I’ve had a fear of technology. I’ve suffered the phobia since the clock on the VCR flashed incessantly — anyone remember that? Fortunately, I had an 11-year-old who was keen to help his father by resetting the damn thing.

When computers came along, I learned to use one, but as a means to an end; for me the computer was a fancy typewriter rather than a power tool of communication and enlightenment. And when I left the corporate world, I figured to live out my golden years without technology. I was dead wrong.

I joined Twitter a few years ago, but I’m still shocked by the impact of this social network on my daily life. I feel like I’ve had a massive transfusion of instant knowledge. Five weeks of active use and I was up-to-speed on the latest business trends. I’ve uncovered bright young talents in the social media world who touch me with unique insights — edgy and enthusiastic perspectives on life.

I look at Twitter for seniors in a similar vein as the famous Sesame Street for juniors. Both institutions provide education via the best medium known to man — entertainment. The #Twitter Transfusion is a mental exercise offering grey-hairs the opportunity to discover, learn, share and interact. Of course, this transfusion in no way rectifies my technology phobia. No worries; my 11-year-old is now 32 and one tweet away.

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