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It was as wrinkled and shriveled as it could be,
      It would have looked much different right off the tree.
A mindfulness exercise was about to begin.
By chewing the prune over and over again.
      A conversation was started, and here’s the first line:
“It’s only prune,” some people might say,
      The prune retorted, “No way! No way!”
I’ve a history to tell, the prune went on, 
      Along the way, I’ve served people well.

There’s more to the story, than it’s just a prune,
      Move over a bit and give me some room.
Let’s back up a minute, sit back and relax,
      I didn’t just fall from the tree to be taxed.
My history was started a long time ago,
      As a seed I was planted — and nurtured, you know.
I’ve been part of the earth’s beauty, ever so long,
      And moreover, I feel like I really belong.

While still on the branch, in the orchard I hung,
      Waiting for my praises yet to be sung.
I’ve been the subject of artists galore,
      I’ve been painted and sketched for decades before.
What is more beautiful than a prune orchard in bloom?
      It says to the universe — “Give me some room!”

I’m one of the first blossoms to come out in the spring,
      After a long winter’s nap, hope and smiles I bring.
Enjoy my beauty, it’s yours to behold,
      And always remember this story your told.

Once I’ve been picked there’s more to the story,
      The pickers and packers add to my glory.
I’ve had a long journey, from California I came,
      I’ve been kissed by the sun — it’s part of my fame.
Many people have played a big part
      Bringing me to market, to jump into your cart.

My beauty is not only skin deep,
      The treasures I bring are yours to keep.
I’m full of vitamins A and C,
      Calcium and iron are also in me.
Before I become history, I want you to see,
      My beauty and usefulness for both you and me.

So please — be mindful of me, right from the start,
      And one last thing to remember,
I’m so very, very good for your heart!

Clara Sias

Clara began her writing career at 78 years old after taking a writing class at Judson Park

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