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Future Tense

Future Tense ©

By Robert Schrag

April 18, 2017

Robert Schrag

Robert Schrag has been a communication professor for over 40 years, spending more than 3 decades at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. He is also a painter, sculptor, husband, and the father of two adult children.

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Worrying about the future 
Makes it quite difficult  
To be happy today.  
That is not to say  
We should not have dreams. 
But too often  
Our slavish pursuit of dreams  
Turns them into nightmares.  
It is difficult to smell the roses  
If we spend our hours in the garden  
Spreading manure and  
Dusting to kill the aphids. 

We must learn to say: 
Today is sufficient. 
This I can appreciate.  
I do not need  
A chorus of angels to sing for me.  
A single mourning dove will suffice.  
I do not need  
The applause of the masses.  
The smile on the face of a friend  
Is affirmation enough. 
I do not need 
To turn the world  
To my way of thinking. 
Understanding my own path 
To peacefulness will do.  
And all this fits comfortably  
Within the soft blanket
Of today.

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