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John Rosemond

John Rosemond

Family psychologist John Rosemond answers parents' questions on his website at

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Video Games or Homework? No Contest.

By John Rosemond

February 2, 2016

You may not always be the most well-liked parent, but something’s gotta give. Read more »

What to Do With Your Little Devil

By John Rosemond

January 26, 2016

"The word possessed comes to mind." Read more »

Parenting: Keep It Simple, Stupid

By John Rosemond

January 19, 2016

It now appears that parenting should be added to religion and politics, as a “don’t talk about” subject. Read more »

A Daunting Impasse

By John Rosemond

January 12, 2016

The reality is that your son’s attitude toward you is not likely to improve until he’s old enough to understand that he’s being manipulated. Read more »

Bring the Child Down to Size

By John Rosemond

January 5, 2016

I ended a recent column by proposing that, “while their proper upbringing is a big deal, children themselves are not.”As anticipated, I received some complaints from folks who insist that children are definitely a big deal. Invariably, however, they go on to defend what is ... Read more »

Parenting Reboot

By John Rosemond

December 29, 2015

Q: Our daughter died last year — long, sad story — leaving behind a 2-year-old boy. The father — not named on the birth certificate — is not and never has been a factor in the child’s life and gave us permission to adopt without ... Read more »

Childhood Fun or Something Salacious?

By John Rosemond

December 24, 2015

Q: My 7-year-old recently had his 9-year-old friend over to spend the night. At their request, I let them take a bubble bath together. I supervised, of course. They had fun squirting one another with water pistols, throwing bubbles at one another, and pretending to ... Read more »

Parenting Memes

By John Rosemond

December 15, 2015

According to Wikipedia, a meme is "an idea…that spreads from person to person within a culture." A meme is analogous to a mental virus, although not necessarily bad, that catches on relatively quickly and usually with significant influence on popular behavior.Most memes are unspoken and subconscious. The concept was popularized ... Read more »

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