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John Rosemond

John Rosemond

Family psychologist John Rosemond answers parents' questions on his website at

Articles from John Rosemond

Nicotine and Teens

By John Rosemond

June 30, 2015

Q: We just discovered that our 17-year-old is using nicotine. He tells us he’s been using for the past several months, smoking two to four cigarettes a day to cope with academic anxiety and relationships. He tends to be socially reserved and has been struggling with ... Read more »

Toddlers and Toys

By John Rosemond

June 23, 2015

Q: My 24-month-old is constantly wanting to be in her newborn baby brother’s face, poking and touching him. How can I help her with her jealousy?A: Unless there’s more going on here than you’re telling me, you’re not describing jealousy; you’re describing natural curiosity and rather ... Read more »

Nipping Temper Tantrums in the Bud

By John Rosemond

June 15, 2015

Q: Our 8-year-old daughter tries to manipulate us and her siblings (she is the youngest of three) with emotional outbursts and whining when things don’t go her way. She is mostly a delightful, cheerful child but this bothersome cycle flares up at least every other day. Read more »

The Power of 'Because I said so'

By John Rosemond

June 9, 2015

Two months ago, I conducted a two-day small-group “parent retreat” during which I talked about, among other things, the legitimacy and power of “because I said so.” One of my missions is to promote the restoration of the attitude that accompanies the calm, straightforward (the ... Read more »

Changing Disrespectful Behavior Starts With Parents

By John Rosemond

June 2, 2015

Q: Our 14-year-old daughter has difficulty controlling her anger. She has extreme outbursts fairly frequently here at home—screaming, cursing, and even throwing things when she doesn’t get her way. She appears to have no respect for us and very little consideration for her two younger siblings. Read more »

Separate Your Kids From Your Identity

By John Rosemond

May 27, 2015

         My mother was a most unusual woman for her generation. She divorced my father when I was three, went to college and eventually obtained a Ph.D. in plant morphology when women were not heartily welcomed by the nearly all-male faculties of ... Read more »

Adopting a Child

By John Rosemond

May 19, 2015

Q: We have two children ages 9 and 5 and are considering adopting a third — perhaps an older child, even a teenager. Do you have any advice for us?A: Do I ever, beginning with a caution against believing what you are told by adoption specialists about the supposed vulnerability ... Read more »

Parents, Grandparents and Raising Kids

By John Rosemond

May 12, 2015

Q: My husband and I need your advice. We are parents to one adult daughter who has three children ages 10, 7 and 4. They live about three hours away, and up until two years ago we saw them fairly often. Our visits were often very uncomfortable, ... Read more »

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