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Dan Rockwell

Dan Rockwell

Dan Rockwell is author of the popular Leadership Freak Blog. He has 35 years' experience as a public speaker and teacher, and 15 years’ experience as a consultant. Currently, Dan resides in central Pennsylvania with his wife, Dale. He leads a local nonprofit organization, writes, teaches, and coaches in the leadership and social media arenas. Follow Dan on Twitter at @leadershipfreak or email him at

Articles from Dan Rockwell

Stop Talking About Transformation

By Dan Rockwell

February 27, 2015

Talk doesn’t produce vitality, eventually it kills it. Talk is important. But, the line between talk and rigor mortis is nearly invisible. Death arrives when organizational transformation ends.Talk is hypocrisy – a leadership smoke screen – until someone takes the first step. Behave your way, don’t talk your ... Read more »

How to Receive Criticism Without Becoming Cynical

By Dan Rockwell

February 20, 2015

Leaders are criticized when they take action and when they don’t. Nice critics try to help by pointing out failures and faults, but neglect positive suggestions. Tearing down makes nasty critics feel wise, powerful, and right.The hardest criticism to take is the one that’s ... Read more »

How to Become the Leader of Choice

By Dan Rockwell

February 13, 2015

Know and maximize the value you bring others. Would you choose to follow you? Why would anyone follow you?16 ways to be the leader of choice:1. Succeed in an arena that matters to others. Those who value money respect leaders who make money.2. Choose meaningful ... Read more »

How to Manage Optimists and Pessimists

By Dan Rockwell

February 6, 2015

Sometimes I feel like I’m surrounded by "red heads."There are two types of people on every team, those who see how it can be done – green thinkers – and those who see how it can’t – red thinkers. Both are dangerous. Both are necessary.Tension:Green ... Read more »

Overcoming a Negative Past

By Dan Rockwell

January 30, 2015

The past is a weight that grows heavier with the passage of time. Little mistakes grow larger. Offenses get heavier. Failures persecute.The past crushes those who hang on to it. The older you get the more you see what you could have done, but didn’t. Read more »

What Do You Care About Most?

By Dan Rockwell

January 23, 2015

Fill in the blank: “All I care about is _______.”If you can’t complete it, you’re just going through the motions. A person going in many directions ends up going nowhere.Choose your nut – the thing you care most about – then do what ... Read more »

Fuel Your Passion

By Dan Rockwell

January 16, 2015

Leadership is agony without passion. Everyone who ever made a difference had passion. Nothing of significance is done without it.Here are some things that drain passion: * Distant leaders * Work without purpose * Labor without rest * Achievement without reward * Negative teammates – reform or remove ... Read more »

Don't Poke the Lion

By Dan Rockwell

January 9, 2015

Those who poke lions end up bloody.It was news to me when my boss’s boss said, “I know you guys don’t get along.” I thought we got along great. She thought I was hard to manage.Bosses define success. The difference between disruption and ... Read more »

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