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Dan Rockwell

Dan Rockwell

Dan Rockwell is author of the popular Leadership Freak Blog. He has 35 years' experience as a public speaker and teacher, and 15 years’ experience as a consultant. Currently, Dan resides in central Pennsylvania with his wife, Dale. He leads a local nonprofit organization, writes, teaches, and coaches in the leadership and social media arenas. Follow Dan on Twitter at @leadershipfreak or email him at

Articles from Dan Rockwell

10 Ways to Create a Sense of Ownership

By Dan Rockwell

July 21, 2014

“Act like you own the place,” is a silly slogan when people are treated like expendable cogs in machines.Hypocritical leaders expect people to act like owners while being treated like employees. Everyone knows its sleazy manipulation.Employees don’t take ownership when they are treated ... Read more »

Make Mistakes – Avoid Screw Ups

By Dan Rockwell

July 14, 2014

Anyone who says mistakes are no big deal needs an attitude adjustment. When you celebrate the wrong mistake it’s a screw up.The way you handle mistakes makes or breaks leadership.Positive mistakes: The path to success is paved with mistakes. Great mistake-makers win. Lousy ... Read more »

Authenticity: 7 Ways to Navigate Self-Doubt

By Dan Rockwell

July 8, 2014

Developing skills – when you’re empty on the inside – destroys you, especially if you succeed.Empty leaders lose themselves to skills, methods, and strategies.Teach how to be, before teaching what to do.Arrogance relies on methods. Humility relies on people.Self-doubt: Navigating self-doubt is essential to successful ... Read more »

7 Ways to Break the Bondage of Old Patterns

By Dan Rockwell

June 24, 2014

Predictability is stability, until it shackles.Old patterns are hard to break because they worked, once. But, you’ve changed and what worked once is bondage now.Patterns establish predictability, but they also anchor to an unsatisfying past.New patterns are hard for you to make when ... Read more »

7 Ways Quiet Leaders Get the Most from Talkers

By Dan Rockwell

June 14, 2014

Quiet leaders struggle with talkers. They wonder if we’ll ever shut up.Leaders should be wondering if they talk too little not too much.10 dangers of talkative leaders: * Forgetfulness. By the time you stop talking, they forgot what they were going to say. Read more »

How Two Conversations Changed a Life

By Dan Rockwell

June 6, 2014

You are who you are today, in large part, because of words you heard, not words you said.Unfocused:Mark entered college, like so many, unsure of what he wanted. He didn’t have focus or passion, so he signed up for General Studies.Sharp people ... Read more »

32 Things to Say to Young Leaders

By Dan Rockwell

June 2, 2014

How can we inspire young leaders? Here's some words to start them talking: * Why aren’t you asking for feedback? * Tell me who you want to become in behavioral terms. * Why do you matter? * Tell me what you expect from yourself. * ... Read more »

5 Neglected Behaviors that Make Dreams Happen

By Dan Rockwell

May 27, 2014

Organizations that ignore dreamers die.The two most dangerous people in organizations are dreamers who lack experience and dream-killers.Dream-killers roll their eyes and say, “They don’t know what it takes.”A young dreamer’s confidence is rooted in ignorance.Reform dream-killers; develop dreamers.7 dark qualities of inexperienced dreamers: * Forget ... Read more »

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