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Dan Rockwell

Dan Rockwell

Dan Rockwell is author of the popular Leadership Freak Blog. He has 35 years' experience as a public speaker and teacher, and 15 years’ experience as a consultant. Currently, Dan resides in central Pennsylvania with his wife, Dale. He leads a local nonprofit organization, writes, teaches, and coaches in the leadership and social media arenas. Follow Dan on Twitter at @leadershipfreak or email him at

Articles from Dan Rockwell

The 7 Powers of Weakness

By Dan Rockwell

November 23, 2015

Don’t wait until you have it “all together” to lead. Arrogant leaders parade strengths. Successful leaders understand the power of weaknesses. You’re untrustworthy and disqualified from leadership, if you don’t have weaknesses.Authentic leaders are better because they accept weakness.The seven powers of weakness: * Weakness expands ... Read more »

Not All Top Performers...

By Dan Rockwell

November 9, 2015

Your ability to cultivate people determines your impact in the world.Surprisingly, only 15% of top performers are likely to be high potentials (HiPo). Performance is easy to spot. But, if you want to change the world, look for people with character.After performance, character determines potential. Leaders ... Read more »

Solving the 12 Dumbest Things Leaders Do

By Dan Rockwell

October 30, 2015

The most important thing you do happens after you do something dumb.#1. Focusing on low performers while neglecting high performers.Solution: Spend most of your development resources on “B” performers. Reward “A’s.” Develop “B’s.”#2. Declaring conclusions. You’ve been mulling something over for a few days, ... Read more »

Nicknames Your Boss Deserves

By Dan Rockwell

October 23, 2015

... But you should probably never say. Read more »

10 Ways to Solve Real Problems

By Dan Rockwell

October 5, 2015

Solving the wrong problem doesn’t help.Helping in the wrong way wastes time and resources. Worse yet, helping in the wrong way usually blows up in your face.Even though it might be dangerous, help is essential to exponential success.“The people who become superstars ... Read more »

CA — Caring Anonymous

By Dan Rockwell

September 29, 2015

You care, even though you might feel uncomfortable showing it.Personally, for years, I’ve joked, “I’m from Maine. We have feelings on Christmas Eve and the Fourth of July. I’m not a touchy-feely.” But, the truth is, I care.Maybe leaders need Caring Anonymous meetings. Read more »

How to Make Looking Bad Look Good

By Dan Rockwell

September 22, 2015

The path to remarkable is paved with feedback.Feedback, received well, transforms leaders. However, the behavior leaders fail at most is seeking feedback. Feedback that hurts the most often helps the most. Getting the most from negative feedback:The value of negative feedback is maximized in environments where ... Read more »

5 Deadly Beliefs That Limit Leaders

By Dan Rockwell

September 4, 2015

Action begins with belief.Wrong beliefs result in wasted effort.Ineffective leaders believe wrong things about themselves, others, situations, and organizations.5 deadly beliefs that limit leaders:Deadly belief #1. The problem is out there. Helplessness, irresponsibility, and recurring frustration are the result of blame. The first ... Read more »

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