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Dan Rockwell

Dan Rockwell

Dan Rockwell is author of the popular Leadership Freak Blog. He has 35 years' experience as a public speaker and teacher, and 15 years’ experience as a consultant. Currently, Dan resides in central Pennsylvania with his wife, Dale. He leads a local nonprofit organization, writes, teaches, and coaches in the leadership and social media arenas. Follow Dan on Twitter at @leadershipfreak or email him at

Articles from Dan Rockwell

Navigating Small Managers

Three Steps to Great Leadership

By Dan Rockwell

May 22, 2015

Small managers need to feel big.Egotistical managers walk around like they run the place. But, no one enjoys an insecure, heavy handed, meddlesome, manager.Small managers:Throw their weight around.Get huffy when challenged.Love control.Thrive on perks.Steal the spotlight.Put people down. Read more »

Never Tell Eagles to Stop Soaring

By Dan Rockwell

May 8, 2015

Exceptional people are advised to tone it down — you’re too organized, too compassionate, too visionary. “All you think about is getting things done. You need to tone it down.”Never tell eagles to stop soaring.Everyone loses when exceptional organizers are told to tone down their ... Read more »

Enough With the Curiosity

By Dan Rockwell

April 24, 2015

When you ask too many questions, people wonder what you’re after. The need to preserve image makes curiosity uncomfortable. Sincere curiosity is a gift to all but the insecure, skeptical, or status driven.Too many questions:1. The insecure feel threatened.2. The skeptical wonder what you’re after.3. Read more »

What Incompetent Leaders Say

By Dan Rockwell

April 17, 2015

You can try and fail one or two times. But, persistent failure – in the same area – signals incompetence. Everyone who gets ahead establishes a track record of reliability. You can’t be trusted if you keep falling short. Lose trust – lose leadership.10 phrases incompetent leaders keep ... Read more »

How to Be Humble

By Dan Rockwell

April 10, 2015

Dad died June 25, 2012. This morning, I miss him.Dad was a dairy farmer from Maine. He didn’t need applause for taking care of his wife and children. He humbly got the job done, day after day.He read books and took courses all his ... Read more »

How Successful Leaders Find Energy

By Dan Rockwell

April 3, 2015

Success requires energy. No energy – no success. Passion is focused energy. No passion – no leadership.The most important thing you manage is your own energy.Energy drains:1. Self-importance. The false belief others can’t survive without you, drains you.2. Let-down after success.3. Read more »

How Curious Leaders Succeed

By Dan Rockwell

March 27, 2015

Question what you know; explore what you don’t. Curiosity is a way of seeing.Curious leaders:1. Lower resistance.2. Ignite energy.3. Expand potential.4. Explore possibility.Seven ways curious leaders succeed:1. Enable thinking from a new point of view. “What don’t you know?”... Read more »

How Coaching-Managers Get Things Done

By Dan Rockwell

March 20, 2015

All managers get things done through people, the question is how. 7 ways coaching-managers get things done:1. Connect. Traditional managers believe business is relationships, except when it comes to their own team. Coaching-managers make work personal. Traditional managers use distance to instill fear.2. Choose many short ... Read more »

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