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Apple suppliers gear up for cheaper iPhone for March

There's no official announcement from Apple yet, but iPhone assemblers including Hon Hai Precision Industry, Pegatron, and Wistron, are planning to begin producing a new lower-cost iPhone in February. Apple is expected to official announce the new phone in March. According to sources in the Apple-supply chain the phone will look similar to the iPhone 8 with a 4.7-inch screen, a Touch ID built in the home button, and will run on the same chip as Apple's current iPhone 11. Since there is no official announcement yet, there's no official price either.

Stocks fall, Treasuries climb on signs that respiratory virus in China is now spreading person to person

News that a mysterious respiratory virus in China has infected medical workers, a sign that the virus has entered a new phase wherein it spreads from person to person, rocked Asian financial markets today. The death toll has climbed to six and China today raised the number of confirmed cases to 291.The outbreak is reminiscent of the severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, pandemic that killed 800 people in Asia 17 years ago. Signs that the virus is now spreading from person to person came as hundreds of millions of Chinese prepared to travel across the country and globally for the Lunar New Year holidays. CNN today reported that the respiratory virus has appeared in the United States.

#3 of my four “Not so easy pieces” for rebalancing my long-term 50 Stocks Portfolio: My four buys

In my most recent Special Report: When to sell: What to sell on my JubakAM.Com subscription site I recommended that any current rebalancing build up some cash. To implement that cash-building strategy, when you sell to rebalance a portfolio for 2020, buy fewer stocks than you sell so that the result is more cash on the sidelines. For example, in the rebalancing of my long-term 50 Stocks portfolio I've sold enough stocks so that this portfolio dropped to 38 stocks instead of the 50 in the headline. Today, Tuesday, January 21, I'll be making my initial buys for 2020 to complete the rebalancing of this portfolio. But I expect to buy just four stocks, which would leave me with 42 stocks instead of 50 and about 16% in cash

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