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Not enough known about chronic brain injury

I’m skeptical that this will make a difference.  We have very little knowledge about repetitive trauma to the brain and chronic brain injury.  All a neurologist will be able to say after a concussion is that the player is back to his/her steady state.  There is little data to inform whether or not a second, third, fourth, etc. traumatic event to the head will lead to chronic problems.

Until we understand this topic, doctors will not be able to adequately advise patients (players) as to their long-term risk.

Aging - Living Longer and Loving it

We, as a society, are living longer, thanks to the miracles of medical science and our greater insight into health, fitness, nutrition, and related subjects. However, without the proactive choices of the growing number of seniors in our society, a new set of problems may be created. One thing the individual can do is to be a healthy senior, living life to benefit himself or herself, and the rest of society as well.

Seniors - Don't BE a Dumbbell, Buy Some

Over the years, I have tried many forms of exercise, including yoga and bodyweight exercises. I have owned or had access to several types of exercise machines and home gyms, including the Bowflex (which I loved). Now at age 64, however, my favorite piece of exercise equipment, other than my feet, is my humble set of dumbbells.

Mitochondria - Jedi Knights in the Anti-Aging War?

Hidden within the cells of the body are some secret warriors which help us in our anti-aging battles. A Jedi Master even alluded to them, albeit somewhat obliquely and fantastically, in a Star Wars movie. Let's learn a little about mitochondria and mitochondrial biogenesis.

How to Start Your First Home Aquarium

If you are thinking about setting up your own first home aquarium, here's a couple of simple steps which can save you a little time, money, and frustration. You might be surprised at where you can get your first supplies, and pet fish, for your new hobby.

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Choosing Senior Living
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