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The Thyroid, Thyroxin, and Hypothyroidism

We have heard about the thrroid gland all our lives. Most of us, however, have no idea of where it is, what it does, or what happens when the thyroid malfunctions. The thyroid secretes several thyroid hormones, the most important being thyroxin. A major condition of the the thyroid, hypothyroidism, affects many people, and this is a small discussion of the thyroid, the thyroid hormone, thyroxin, and hypothyroidism.

Protein - The Forgotten Nutrient?

Protein is certainly one of the most necessary nutrients available for the human diet. However, it is also often one of the most overlooked nutrients.

How Often Should a Multivitamin Be Taken?

Every supermarket, drug store, and discount department store sells multivitamins these days. Additionally, there are all kinds of daily multivitamins and supplements sold online. Many claim that if one vitamin pill is good for you, then two might be better. However, could taking too many multivitamins be dangerous, or at least, unhealthy?

Affects of Sleep Deprivation Go Beyond Simple Tiredness

In today's world, many of are on a tight schedule, trying to be there for our careers, our family, for our society, and for our own fun. Sometimes it just seems like there aren't enough hours in the day...so we borrow some...from the night. We somehow manage to get by on less than the recommended eight or nine hours of sleep a night. That can't be good for us, can it?

3 Tips For Effectively Using Free Internet Marketing Resources

Many who are new to Internet marketing think they have signed up for a sure-fire thing. Everything is new and exciting and it seems to them that it will be easy to put up a website of some kind, sign up for an affiliate program, or make money with a blog. However, there is a bit more to it than that, and NOT knowing how to use Internet marketing tools and resources effectively can result in a long, bitter, and usually expensive education.

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Choosing Senior Living
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