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At last, Lending Club files to go public

It was only a matter of time. San Francisco’s Lending Club filed for its long anticipated initial public offering this morning.  It didn’t state the number of shares or price range it was considering, but according to an accompanying prospectus, it listed $500 million as a preliminary target, though it could be more, or less, depending […]

Warren Buffett: better to ‘make the Canadians happy’

It’s not the tax inversion thing, in which Burger King takes over Tim Hortons and becomes a Canadian citizen, that persuades the 83-year-old billionaire it’s the right deal. “Tim Hortons earns more money than Burger King does,” Warren Buffett told the Financial Times. “I just don’t know how the Canadians would feel about Tim Hortons […]

Getting Past Regrets: Woulda Coulda Shoulda

So many people have regrets:  If only I had taken (or not taken) that job. If only I invested (or didn’t invest) in that. If only I had gone (or not gone) to grad school. If only I married (or didn’t marry) that person.

Yes, it’s usually good advice to stop beating yourself up and start moving forward. But  what if you can’t stop yourself from wallowing in regret?  My PsychologyToday.com article today attempts to help. HERE is the link.

Warren Buffett to America: Drop Dead?

Burger King wants to become a Canadian citizen — and the Sage of Omaha has signed on to help. Buffett is reportedly backing Burger King’s tax inversion deal to buy Canadian doughnut chain Tim Hortons for $11 billion, re-domicile from Miami to  Toronto, and cease paying some of those pesky U.S. corporate taxes. Buffett is […]

Succession Planning: Finding and Grooming Your Replacement

Whether you're a clerk or a CEO, the time to leave will arrive. Often that's not easy, practically or psychologically. 

My PsychologyToday.com article today offers a step-by-step approach to choosing your successor so you feel good about it. HERE is the link.

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