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TELANDER: Blackhawks, fans have it better than other Chicago franchises

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After the Blackhawks’ severe 5-1 trashing of the Minnesota Wild on Thursday night, I’m gonna say Hawks fans are . . . spoiled. Whoa, whoa there, Jimmy ‘‘Golden Jet’’ Jersey! Easy now. I don’t mean spoiled as in bratty and snooty and wears Gucci. That is, Hawks guy fans don’t wear Gucci. The gals, perhaps. Under their red team sweaters. A lot of the women at Hawks games are drop-dead gorgeous, you know. They are. Why are they with you guys, anyway? But I digress. I mean, Hawks fans are lucky they’re not living in the Cubs’ world. Or the White Sox’ …

TELANDER: Game 7 victory a work of heart

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NEW YORK — How did they do this? How did the mutilated, nauseated, eviscerated Bulls gallop past the higher-seeded Brooklyn Nets, kicking their soft borough butts 99-93 in a seventh game on the Nets’ home court? Amazing, but they did it. This was a game the home team is meant to win. It’s why you play the regular season, as Nets coach P.J. Carlesimo put it earlier. There were ‘‘Black Out’’ T-shirts, rally towels, a throbbing sub-sub-woofer bass playing Jay-Z poetry and dance music low lines that rattled the floor like an earthquake. There was dreadlocked-to-the-waist ring announcer David Diamante …

TELANDER: Jason Collins’ announcement big step for him, giant one for sports

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So has the gay dust settled? After journeyman NBA center Jason Collins came out last week as the first active homosexual men’s player in a major U.S. team sport, it seemed everybody on the planet weighed in. Most congratulated him for his courage. First lady Michelle Obama was supportive. Former President Bill Clinton had sweet words. So did Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, on and on. You might have thought Collins had become the first man to set foot on Mars rather than taking a difficult, intimidating and very personal step out of  the closet. Among the interesting elements to the …

TELANDER: Ricketts has moving speech

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On Wednesday morning, Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts took off one of his chain-metal gauntlets and dropped it with a clank to the floor. “The fact is that if we don’t have the ability to generate revenue in our own outfield, we’ll have to take a look at moving,’’ Ricketts told the audience at the City Club of Chicago. “No question.” When you say, “No question,’’ that means, well, no question. Like, you’ll do it. That is, you’ll leave antique Wrigley Field to the preservationists, let the rooftop owners view weeds inside a crumbling brick mess and head for the suburbs. …

TELANDER: Game 6 is ailing Bulls’ last, best chance to advance

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NEW YORK — Here at the ‘‘Rusty Tug’’ — also known as the Barclays Center — we had another Blackout Night for Brooklyn Nets fans. For Bulls fans, it was pretty much Blot-Out Night. They might as well forget the 110-91 loss Monday in Game 5 of the first-round Eastern Conference playoff matchup. The Bulls still lead the series 3-2, so all is not gloom. Plus, you have to tip your hat to the fans who started ‘‘ooh’’-ing while Nate Robinson was in the midst of an ankle-breaking drive in the second quarter. The play ended in a layup and …

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