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TELANDER: Derrick Rose’s absence doesn’t make sense, leaving many questions lingering

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NEW YORK — There he was on the bench Saturday night at the Barclays Center with his teammates as they were demolished by the Nets 106-89. The only difference was that he was dressed in a gray, tailored business suit, and they were dressed in basketball sweats and uniforms. It can’t be fun for Derrick Rose to sit impotently and watch such blowouts. It can’t be easy to fidget and stand up at every timeout and take a place behind sweating, panting, lesser guards Kirk Hinrich and Nate Robinson. It can’t be pleasant to hear the yells from the crowd …

TELANDER: Nets’ win a feel-great story for Brooklyn

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NEW YORK — The best, simple, on-key rendition of the National Anthem I’ve heard in years came Saturday night from Nets guard/forward Jerry Stackhouse. The 38-year old vet wore his sweatsuit and held the mic close, and with eyes closed, sang the tricky song at halfcourt of the Barclays Center before the Bulls-Nets playoff game. I made a mental note to ask him how much he got paid. ◆ It was “Blackout in Brooklyn’’ night, and a number of fans wore the handout T-shirts, which were so dark that, naturally, they could barely be seen. And, of course, they couldn’t …

Terror invades the Boston Marathon and our freedom along with it

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RICK TELANDER: Sometimes social change creeps up on us. Sometimes it comes with a boom. This was a boom. The terrorist bombs that exploded near the finish line of Monday’s Boston Marathon did more than kill and injure people. They told us something we don’t want to know, certainly something we don’t want to think about

Wrigley Field improvements great but what about the team?

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RICK TELANDER: Whew! I’m exhausted just from reading the early details of the Cubs-Wrigleyville agreement. Not only did this thing take about four years to come together, but its glacial formation helped provide an excellent smokescreen for a team that is about as bad as they come in the major leagues.

TELANDER: Do it, Derrick Rose, even if it’s just a drop

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We’ve been talking about Derrick Rose’s return to the Bulls for almost three months now. And it’s not that we’ve been wondering when he’ll be 100 percent healed from that knee injury, but, rather, why he isn’t healed from it? And most of that speculation centers on the mental wounding Rose has undergone from the first major injury of his star-filled career. The man who once was considered a fearsome warrior is now seen by some as a slackard. If Rose came back Sunday and played against the Miami Heat, he could play in the final three regular-season games and …

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