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Stand down

March 4, 2017

By Caitlin Kelly Much wisdom in this (too-long) blog post, on Medium: True growth and success is always sustainable. It’s not a short sprint with an inevitable physical, mental, and emotional crash. All goals are means, not ends. Each succeeding stage of your progression should clearly build one-upon-another, leaving you stronger and more able, not … Continue reading Stand down … Read More

A barstool conversation

March 1, 2017

By Caitlin Kelly Grand Central Terminal; the view from Cipriani. What’s not to love? Sitting at the bar is where I’ve had some of my best conversations — in Corsica, in Atlanta, in San Francisco and last Friday evening in New York City. It was about 6:30. Commuters were rushing to their trains north, to … Continue reading A barstool conversation … Read More

Who are “the media”?

February 25, 2017

By Caitlin Kelly Unless you know a journalist, or are one, dismissing “the media” is an easy — and lazy — way to describe the millions of men and women, of all ages, worldwide, whose chosen profession is to find and gather accurate, verifiable data and disseminate it as widely as their medium allows. It’s … Continue reading Who are “the media”? … Read More

Two NY weeks, 5 artists

February 22, 2017

By Caitlin Kelly Sometimes you’re lucky enough to witness artistic history. That happened to us last week at Carnegie Hall, in a fully sold-out audience, listening to 71-year-old jazz pianist Keith Jarrett. That’s 2,804 people of all ages, listening for two-plus hours and three encores in rapt silence, as the show was being recorded, (so, … Continue reading Two NY weeks, 5 artists … Read More

Define “elite”

February 7, 2017

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CIA Woman in Torture Controversy Vaulted to No. 2 Slot

By Jeff Stein


February 3, 2017

Gina Haspel is the first career CIA woman to be appointed deputy director. … Read More

Living in chaos is exhausting

January 29, 2017

By Caitlin Kelly photo: NBC News It took me a while to figure this out. The way that President Donald Trump behaves — a mixture I find both exhausting and toxic — is far too familiar. He scowls. He rages. He accuses everyone who disagrees with him of trying to undermine him. He’s flapped his … Continue reading Living in chaos is exhausting … Read More

This is what the press is for

January 22, 2017

By Caitlin Kelly Speaking truth to power. That’s it, really. Sure, some journalists write puffy stories about luxury hotels and mascara and shiny new tech toys. But the journalism a democracy relies on is one with consistent, ready access to its leader(s), holding them and their government to account. If you don’t grasp this essential […] … Read More

'Let's Care About Someone Who Does Not Belong to Our Tribe'

By James Fallows

The Atlantic

January 19, 2017

We could use a little positive news at the moment, right? Here you go: Over the past three… … Read More

A Big Step for Little Eastport

By James Fallows

The Atlantic

January 16, 2017

Since our first visit in the fall of 2013, Deb and I have reported frequently on the grit, vision, resilience… … Read More

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