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Is global warming a hoax?
Is global warming a hoax?
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April 27, 2017
Charles Bayer
Scientists from almost every nation tell us that global warming exists, that human activity is the substantial cause and that if left unchanged, it will produce an ecological calamity. Without a shred of scientific evidence, Trump calls it all a hoax. READ MORE »
Michael Hertz
Sales of privately owned automobiles continue to rise despite greater traffic problems, increased road repair costs, pollution, parking problems, the need for more traffic police and related issues. READ MORE »
Philip E. Jenks
Big wars and little wars forever fester around the globe, and the United States has been a vigorous contributor. READ MORE »
Clara Sias
It was with the utmost humiliation that I went trudging into the high school's principal’s office on the second of May with my mother behind me. READ MORE »
Fred Cicetti
Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Most meditation originated in ancient spiritual traditions. There are many types of meditation. READ MORE »
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