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December 29, 2016
After the Moon
Paul Gilster
Reaching Mars is unlikely to be the result of a monolithic government push. Indeed, the difference between today’s Mars thinking and Apollo is that we’ll be relying on intricate collaboration between government and commercial space to make the Mars landing happen. READ MORE »
Not My Job
Jeanne Gladden
As the holidays roll around, we begin to ask ourselves how to make the new year better than the old year. It is apparently human nature to make resolutions and plans to make our lives better. READ MORE »
Who Makes Resolutions Come True?
John Bell
The approaching New Year invites the contemplation of resolutions. Before setting goals and objectives for your personal life and your professional life, I suggest you consider a fundamental question. READ MORE »
Work Smarter, Not Harder
Deborah Fernandez
As the New Year starts, people tend to make resolutions. The resolutions range from spending less to eating less, from making more money to making more time to exercise. READ MORE »
Finding Courage to Begin Again
Dan Rockwell
I usually sleep the New Year in and watch the ball drop on the news. New Year’s Eve is an imaginary line in the sand but, I must confess, its power is real. New Year’s inspires us to begin again. READ MORE »
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