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Is authentic religion being sidelined?
Is authentic religion being sidelined?
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July 20, 2017
Charles Bayer
In many conservative churches the way of Jesus has been turned on its head and now looks more like proclamations by the Tea Party than it does the Sermon on the Mount. While American religion had been moving in that direction for a number of years, the drift became an avalanche with the coming of the secularist, Donald Trump. READ MORE »
Senior living
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How to navigate the world of senior living? Look to the guides who are living it. Veteran journalists and essayists report on all facets of aging in our new senior living section. READ MORE »
Jenni Bergal, Stateline
Living alone can be tough for seniors. Some don’t have family nearby to check on them, and they worry that if they fall or suffer a medical emergency and can't get to the phone to seek help, no one will know. READ MORE »
Frances Lowe
The sun, the sand, the waves — all combine to pull us to the coastline several times a year. The beautiful combination of nature’s amenities calls us with a magnetism that cannot be ignored. READ MORE »
Debbie Moose
Collards sustained many struggling Southerners through the years, providing a reliable source of nutrients. But are these greens really "the new kale"?
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