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Fake news is everywhere — even in our gardening.
Fake news is everywhere — even in our gardening.
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March 30, 2017
Home & Garden
Kit Flynn
A good gardening article should inform and educate the reader. And therein lies the problem with fake news: So often editors of general themed magazines will assign a gardening topic to a non-gardener. READ MORE »
John Rosemond
Children do not know what they need; they only know what they want. The adults in their lives are responsible for giving them everything they need and very little of what they wantREAD MORE »
Philip E. Jenks
What does a corpse have to do with sainthood? The fortunate thing for these saints is that they did not have to pass an unreasonably strident inquisition to prove their saintliness. READ MORE » 
Fred Cicetti
According to a study published by the American Psychological Association, playing an instrument as a child keeps the mind sharper as we age. READ MORE »
Robert Butler
Is Disney’s live-action version as good as the old-style, hand-drawn 1991 original? The film hits favorite familiar notes while introducing some new (and mildly controversial) elements. READ MORE »
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