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March 2, 2017
Business Survival
Deborah Fernandez
We know that technology is one of the biggest contributors to the massive changes that occur in business. For a company to stay relevant, executive leaders must continually be aware of emerging trends and anticipate necessary changes. READ MORE »
Raised by War
Jim McGrath
A deja vu vision flashes through my mind; it was 1942, and we were at war. My sister was pulling a red wagon through our neighborhood, and I was picking up a can to add to our collection of cans, newspapers, scrap metal and containers of melted fat. READ MORE »
Getting Your Child to Obey
John Rosemond
Obedient kids are happy kids. Therefore, whereas an obedient child is certainly a blessing to a parent, the greatest benefit of obedience accrues to the child. 
Brain Stimulation Therapy
Fred Cicetti
The medical community is not certain how ECT works. However, it appears to produce many changes in the brain. One study found an 86 percent remission rate for those with severe depression. READ MORE » 
Making the Most of Music
Roberta Needles
When I was nine, I started to play the violin. My sister Becky was three years younger. She heard me, saw me and wanted to do the same. READ MORE »
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