email : Webview : Guantanamo, Trump and The Iran Deal | December 1, 2016
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December 1, 2016
Guantanamo, Trump and the Iran Deal
Bernd Debusmann
Which of president-elect Trump’s campaign promises will be implemented is anyone’s guess but there is little doubt that one, or more, will turn into the equivalent of Obama’s Guantanamo directive. READ MORE »
'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them': No Head, No Heart
Robert Butler
There’s some magic in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” but it’s all courtesy of the special effects and design departments. READ MORE »
What It Means to Be a Team
Dan Rockwell
In a growing organization, leadership roles are frequently redrafted. Leadership grows with the growth of the organization or both stagnate and die. READ MORE »
The Traveling Tux
Ray Maldoon
Once in my freshman year I received an invitation to a formal dance (as a single) which I had to reluctantly decline—no tux. But I started planning. READ MORE »
Nadine Smith
My mother said Lily was a “fleshy” woman, but everyone admired the way she looked. Lily always wore colorful, crisply ironed house-dresses, and her wavy, dark hair always looked clean. READ MORE »
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