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November 3, 2016
Memento from Syria: A Bullet in the Back
Bernd Debusmann
When warnings fail to intimidate journalists, dictatorial governments often resort to the most effective form of censorship of all – murder. 
Home & Garden
To Fertilize or Not to Fertilize: That is the Question
Kit Flynn
Because it has slowly dawned on me that my roses would have benefitted from more nourishment during this past growing season, I have begun to ponder the complexities of fertilizer. READ MORE » 
Are Drugs the Answer?
John Rosemond
The new school year is still fresh and “it” has already begun, “it” being the ongoing effort on the part of schools to persuade parents that there is something wrong with their kids’ brains. READ MORE »
Colors, Cash, Contusions
Fred Cicetti
Q. Do women get color blindness? Q. How can you tell if you have a gambling problem? Q. Do my medications contribute to bruising? READ MORE »
Wrinkles of Time
Teri S. Merrill
I had lunch the other day with a new friend from my meditation circle. I was excited about this particular outing because Sherry is about 10-15 years younger than me. READ MORE »
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