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What's happening at our border?
What's happening at our border?
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May 18, 2017
Charles Bayer
Along our southern border, there are Americans who seek to provide safe, temporary shelters for refugee families. While at the border, volunteers provide clothes, three meals a day and other necessities. READ MORE » 
Bill Livingstone
When I looked back at the navigator, he shouted, "Go Bill, go." I crawled back to the open hatch, crouched in front of it, and rolled out into thin air. READ MORE » 
Fred Cicetti
Modern pacemakers are stable devices that have built-in protection from most types of interference. But there are still some precautions you should take if you’ve had one.
Jeanne Gladden
I have observed many similarities between growing vegetables and developing employees. There is one main difference: plants generally come with a set of directions about planting, feeding and watering. READ MORE »
Robert Butler
In whatever guise, Rami Malek is an imminently watchable, compelling presence. So much so that he fools us into believing that there’s more going on in this movie than there really is. READ MORE »
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