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Rules were made to be broken.
Rules were made to be broken.
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May 11, 2017
Home & Garden
Kit Flynn
The problem is that gardens aren’t supposed to have a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Gardens are supposed to have continuity. Gardens are supposed to have repetitions. So what is the poor plant collector to do? READ MORE »
Bob Larsen
In order to make ends meet, a large part of our family's food came from what Mom grew in the garden and canned in fruit jars for the winter. However, in 1934, there was a massive grasshopper plague that eliminated much of our food supply. READ MORE »
John Rosemond
It is telling to note that whereas billions have been spent trying to find a cure for cancer, no one is trying to find a cure for ADHD. But then, to cure a malady, one must be able to locate it. ADHD cannot be located. 
Fred Cicetti
We come into this world knowing how to laugh. Infants begin smiling in their first weeks; they laugh out loud within months of being born. We must have been given this ability for a reason. READ MORE »
Robert Butler
Few things are quite as frustrating as watching great actors knock themselves out on material that’s not nearly as good as they are. READ MORE »
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