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Thank you, veterans!
Thank you, veterans!
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May 25, 2017
Memorial Day
Bill Livingstone
It was a cold, gray day in early December 1944 when Ray Kuusela trudged across the compound of Stalag Luft IV, out the gate, and out of our lives forever. READ MORE » 
Memorial Day
Jeanne Gladden
One way to honor the memory of those who have given their lives to assure our freedom is to seek ways to become more informed and responsible citizens. 
Memorial Day
Bob Larsen
World War II penetrated the lives of everyone, young and old. It even reached into the small village in the Sand Hills of Nebraska. READ MORE »
Memorial Day
Philip E. Jenks
The convenient thing about the Air Force was that you always knew who was more distinguished than you: their status was clearly marked on the shoulders or sleeves of the uniforms. READ MORE » 
Memorial Day
Jim McGrath
War games and war toys dominated my childhood. In the vacant lot next to my house we dug trenches and built forts of dirt. We chose sides. READ MORE » 
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