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February 9, 2017
There Will Be Tears in Your Eyes
Fred Sparling
Caribou herds have always fluctuated in size, but recent news of caribou populations has created alarm. Most of the migratory herds of the open tundra west of Hudson Bay are rapidly shrinking. READ MORE »
Air Force Memory: A Lesson in Humility
Philip E. Jenks
The convenient thing about the Air Force was that you always knew who was more distinguished than you: their status was clearly marked on the shoulders or sleeves of the uniforms. READ MORE »
Senior Leadership
Deborah Fernandez
Age discrimination is the last form of discrimination that we are willing to accept. It's not viewed as wrong or as serious as other forms of discrimination. READ MORE » 
Valentine's Day
The Long Embrace
Marilyn Wallner
The punctual car horn heralded Father's homecoming from his dry goods store. Mother removed her apron, checked hair, lipstick in the small mirror hangin over the kitchen calendar. READ MORE »
'Fences': Black Lear
Robert Butler
Two-time Oscar winner, and current nominee for lead actor, Denzel Washington has never given, and may never again give, a performance as deep and revelatory as he does in “Fences.” READ MORE »
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