email : Webview : The Takeover of Authentic Religion
What would Jesus do with Trump?
What would Jesus do with Trump?
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August 3, 2017
Charles Bayer
There are millions of young and not so young Americans speaking about the takeover of religion by America's political right-wing, and many want nothing to do with any of it. READ MORE »
Dean Dabney, The Conversation
The United States has been waging a war on drugs for nearly 50 years that has resulted in millions of drug offenders being processed through the American criminal justice system. READ MORE »
Fred Cicetti
Frequent fatigue can signal a large number of health issues, but it takes a doctor to pinpoint the real cause. READ MORE »
Julie Rovner, The Conversation
As the healthcare debate continues, members of Congress face the possibility of losing their own federally funded coverage. READ MORE »
Jeanne Gladden
Work and life have a way of becoming very complicated. A simple question may be just what we need to unravel the complexity and straighten things out. READ MORE »
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