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November 10, 2016
To Watch a Child Blossom; To Watch a Life End
Patricia Jensvold
Thirty years ago I was called to homeschool a timid young girl. Lucinda was fourteen and at an age where she should be entering high school. READ MORE»
A Warning to the NRA: Beware the Yahootude
Philip E. Jenks
The Senate has rejected amendments to prevent suspected terrorists from getting guns and to close the loophole that limits background checks for customers at gun shows. READ MORE»
Home & Garden
Why My Plants Hold Their Ears
Jan Marshall
I heard plants are like people. They must be spoken to in a gentle manner. READ MORE»
Fall Prevention: Combatting the Risks
David Beasley
Julia McDonald realizes that a big part of healthy aging is simply staying on your feet. READ MORE»
Paying Homage From A-Z to Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia
Sandra Brian Lore
As expected, Barcelona, of Spain’s splendid 
Catalonia region, proclaimed fervently its history and beauty.
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