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To our veterans, we salute you.
To our veterans, we salute you.
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November 9, 2017
Bill Livingstone
"On May 8, 1945, Germany surrendered to end World War II in Europe. Best damned coffee and donuts I ever tasted, served right there on the bombed-out airport tarmac." READ MORE »
Alex Kislik
"In the spring of 1945 the unit we were attached to was in northern Italy near Austria, being driven back by the U.S. Army." READ MORE »
Philip E. Jenks
"I was assigned to a tactical nuclear base in England for three years. Working as a clerk-typist in the base chapel, I saw the growing effects of the Vietnam War from a distance." READ MORE »
Ole Griffith
"Our base was an isolated and barren place. It had a good landing field but hardly anything to help us pass the time when we weren’t on duty. So we had a number of pets." READ MORE »
Don Wolff
"It was Feb. 2, 1945. We had just driven from the area near Metz, France, through Luxembourg and on to a staging area close to Maastrich, Holland." READ MORE »
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