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February 2, 2017
Where Do We Go From Here?
Charles Bayer
Many of us remain startled and depressed over what happened on Nov. 8th. How could we have possibly elected an egomaniac who shoots public policy from his Twitter account without taking careful aim, or even knowing about, the target. READ MORE »
Food Poisoning
Fred Cicetti
The people at highest risk for suffering from food poisoning are seniors, pregnant women, young children and those with chronic diseases. READ MORE »
'La La Land': Boppin' 'neath the Palms
Robert Butler
From practically its first frame, Oscar-nominated “La La Land,” announces that it’s not going to be your routine movie experience. READ MORE »
How to Calm a Screaming ... Teen?
John Rosemond
Sometimes, the sudden emergence of pronounced problems with a previously well-behaved teen are indicators of drug or alcohol use, the influence of undesirable peers, problems at school of one sort or another, or problems in the home. READ MORE »
Baby Bear
Rebecca DeShaw
When my daughter was young she had to have major surgery. Friends and staff at her daycare center gave her a small brown and beige stuffed bear. It was to remind her, and us, of all the people who were praying for her. READ MORE »
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