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Are you in search of wisdom? Need help putting today’s news in perspective? Senior Correspondent’s veteran journalists and commentators report on U.S. and world news, politics, arts, health, technology, work and more. Through our online magazine, mobile app and social media, we invite older adults to explore their lives, past and present, and to provide in-depth reporting for readers who want the perspective that comes only from experience. We call it a “seasoned view of the world.”

By Seniors, for the World

Senior Correspondent features original reporting alongside news headlines drawn from veteran journalists around the globe. Through our groundbreaking mobile app, users contribute content that enriches reporting. Our storytellers are all seniors. Our readers are all ages. This is citizen journalism with a purpose: We aim to deliver news plus wisdom. Our mission is to amplify the voices of older adults for the good of society.

Get Into the Story

We are one of the few media companies that celebrates the stories of older adults. Our reporting provides a contextual view of the news, the kind of journalism that illuminates rather than confuses or divides readers. We create a unique social storytelling experience that enlists users in creating a fuller picture of current issues, historic moments and life experiences. That fuller picture is wisdom.

Get the Story Out

Senior Correspondent engages older adults through collective storytelling campaigns and hands-on media development programs offered through retirement communities and senior centers. Grounded in the latest research on successful aging and life review, Senior Correspondent enhances the well-being of older adults through the power of personal narrative.

The Company

Senior Correspondent is an adventure of The Signal Hill Company, LLC, a communications firm that helps organizations lead through story and founded in 1999 by journalist and award-winning mature marketing expert Daniel Pryfogle. Senior Correspondent’s leadership team includes veteran media and communications professionals plus aging experts.

Senior Correspondent

We are journalists and essayists, bloggers and pundits, professional and non-professional writers. Here we report on our lives and our world.
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