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Hawaii: The Big Island, a Trailblazer Guide for planning your trip

Hamakua Coast on Hawaii's Big IslandTraveling to Hawaii is a dream come true for anyone looking to explore exotic landscapes, beautiful beaches and experience adventure. The largest out of the eight major Hawaiian Islands, the Big Island has a wealth of activities for anyone looking for active travel. Vera Marie Badertscher from A Traveler’s Library tells us how to make the [...]

South American – looking out my window

I’ve just finished a trip to South America – postings soon on walking up to Ciudad Perdida, Colombia’s fabulous jungle-shrouded ‘Lost City.’ And on a trip out to the remote Macuira National Park, way out towards the end of the desert Guajira Peninsula. Out there you feel closer to Venezuela than the rest of Colombia (you certainly drink Venezuelan Polar beer which costs about US  50c a bottle, with a 100% mark-up from the Venezuelan price). The Caribbean ABC island – Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao – are also just a stone’s throw to the west. More on my Colombian travels in the next few days. 

Santa Marta-Bogota
▲ Flying back to Oz I had some great views out the window. Here’s a wonderful sunset from the Avianca A320 on my Santa Marta- Bogotá flight.

grounded 78s
▲ The next day, as were rolling down the runway in a Qantas 747, taking off from Santiago I noted these two LAN aircraft parked – where I presume they’ve been for the past two months. They’re two of LAN’s three new Boeing 787 Dreamliners, grounded with their battery problems.

south of Santiago◄ Once we were airborne we headed south with great views of the Andes off to the east. It’s amazing how far south you fly as you loop across the Pacific between South America and Australia. We were down below 70° S on that long long ocean crossing. Far enough south to spot icebergs in the ocean below. Finally we crossed south of the South Island of New Zealand (in the other direction we’d flown right over the South Island) and descended into Sydney just at dusk. My afternoon had lasted over 14 hours spread over two days, since we’d crossed the International Date Line.

I’ll be back on New Zealand’s South Island in two week’s time, speaking at the Queenstown TEDx conference.

A retirement book to inspire your travels

65 Things to Do When You Retire: TravelIs travel part of your retirement plan? You’ll find plenty of inspiration in 65 Things To Do When You Retire: Travel. Edited by Mark Evan Chimsky, this retirement book offers travel ideas from 65 writers and travel experts, including me. Choose from essays about preparing for retirement travel, where to go, how to travel, taking road [...]

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