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December 8, 2016
A Habit of Excellence
Deborah Fernandez
For individuals, habits influence levels of health, well-being, and performance. For organizations, habits influence productivity, engagement, and growth. READ MORE »
Ear Wax Woes
Fred Cicetti
As you age, your eardrums often thicken and the bones of the middle ear and other structures are affected. Hearing sharpness may decline because of changes in the auditory nerve. READ MORE »
One Book One Community
Frances C. Lowe
For the last 14 years, my community has carefully crafted activities for the area's "One Book One Community" program. From stargazing to movies, musical selections, speakers and much more, the events never seem to disappoint. READ MORE »
The 2 Most Undervalued Factors in Social Marketing
John Bell
When I was in brand management, social media did not exist. But I would have had a field day with this exciting medium because I valued the power of ‘big ideas’ to infuse growth into the brands under my wing. 
A Weird Sport
John Tate
Why are there so many golf tees found about halfway between the tee box and the green? If golf cart driving instructions warn against operating the cart on hill sides, wooded areas or rough terrain, how will I ever get to my golf ball? READ MORE »
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