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These are the devils you'll want to take home to mom.
These are the devils you'll want to take home to mom.
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April 13, 2017
Debbie Moose
Deviled eggs are the first things to go at potlucks and picnics. At family reunion spreads, there’s usually more than one kind — and you can be sure the cooks are watching closely to see whose eggs get eaten quicker. READ MORE »
Charles Bayer
The best answer to America’s quest for a superior system may be available if we just look either beyond our borders or to the insurance plans our seniors already have. READ MORE »
Paul Gilster
Reaching Mars is unlikely to be the result of a monolithic government push. Indeed, the difference between today’s Mars thinking and Apollo is that we’ll be relying on intricate collaboration between government and commercial space to make the Mars landing happen.
John Rosemond
Voc-tech would promote student motivation, increase literacy and significantly reduce dropout rates. Reducing dropout rates would reduce crime, drug use and various other social ills. READ MORE »
Fred Cicetti
Is there a difference between meditation and prayer? Many sources define prayer as a form of meditation. There are similarities between the two. I would explain it this way: it's possible for an atheist to meditate. 
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