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January 5, 2017
Aging Brains
Fred Cicetti
The difference between normal and abnormal memory difficulties comes down to this: If you forget a name or where you left your keys, you're probably okay. If you can't remember how to brush your teeth, you need medical attention. READ MORE »
The Singing Seminarians
Robert Seltz
During my first year at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis I joined the men's chorus which sang sacred music, went on tours, etc. After a while, four of us formed a quartet and began practicing both sacred and "barbershop" music. READ MORE »
'Jackie': Steel Beneath the Pillbox Hat 
Robert Butler
Natalie Portman has the Jackie audio-visuals down — the hair, the pink pillbox hat, those breathy/halting vocal patterns. And if she doesn’t give us a definitive study of who this woman was, she provides a compelling center for an often gripping film. READ MORE »
The Outhouse
Bob Larsen
Our modest house was conveniently located across the street from the school, where I was in kindergarten, but inconveniently, like every other house we had rented, there was no indoor plumbing. READ MORE »
All the News That's Fit to Fake
John V. Fleming 
From my point of view the great scandal about fake news is that so many people seem scandalized by it. Newspeople lie. Presidents lie. Presidential candidates lie through their teeth. READ MORE »
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