email : Webview : Doubts Climb Over Trump's Wall | February 16, 2017
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February 16, 2017
Doubts Climb Over Trump's Wall
Bernd Debusmann
If history can be a guide, an “impassable” barrier will remain an aspiration rather than reality. Case in point: The Iron Curtain, the lethal system of walls, fences, minefields, watchtowers and guards with shoot-to-kill orders that sliced 2,500 miles through Europe, dividing countries under Communist rule from the West. Determined people still managed to cross. READ MORE »
Letters from Inmates: Learning about Solitary Confinement
James Ridgeway
“While waiting for an officer to handcuff and escort me back to the cell that awaited me after showering, I sat on the floor holding a razor used for shaving,” W writes to me. “Today was the day I decided to end my life.” 
Susan's Dream
Jim McGrath
I am sitting on a small porch looking across a broad glacial valley in Cooperstown, N.Y. It is summer, and the morning air cools my face. Susan is gone. She died suddenly, and we came to comfort and be with Gerry. READ MORE »
'Manchester by the Sea': Bits and Pieces
Robert Butler
Oscar-nominated "Manchester by the Sea" is heavy. It’s also unexpectedly funny, deeply moving and almost unbearably wise when it comes to the labyrinthine workings of the human heart. READ MORE »
Why A Smart Phone Is Not A Smart Choice For Your Children
John Rosemond
The evidence is mounting that for whatever reasons, smart phones are literally addictive to children and teenagers. READ MORE »
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