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Eclipse Pro Tip: Don't take a selfie with the sun.
Eclipse Pro Tip: Don't take a selfie with the sun.
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August 17, 2017
Jenni Bergal, Stateline
The Aug. 21 total eclipse is estimated to create massive traffic jams as people flock towards the "path of totality." Officials fear this event may cause an "eclipse in judgment" for some drivers. READ MORE »
Race and culture
Julia Angwin, ProPublica
In Facebook's eyes, some groups warrant protection against hate speech while others don't. What is the rationale? READ MORE »
Christine Vestal, Stateline
Inside the epidemic killing more than 140 Americans each day, there are inconsistencies nationwide on how opioids are prescribed. READ MORE »
Bob Larsen
Changing schools as a child is hard to navigate, especially with a bully at your back. READ MORE »
Jan Marshall
Like clockwork, men experience "that time of the year," including symptoms like yelling, screaming, and bursting into tears. This is called football season. READ MORE »
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