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Could this system make medical appointments easier?
Could this system make medical appointments easier?
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April 20, 2017
Michael Hertz
Michael Hertz
One of the problems with the sharing of information is the federal HIPAA regulations that govern patient privacy. Personally, I'm quite happy to have my doctors share information about me between themselves because I figure this will improve my treatment. READ MORE »
Jim McGrath
Lying in the back of a small fishing boat in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, feeling like I was dying, but unafraid, I thought to myself, “You really did it this time.” READ MORE »
John Rosemond
Today’s parents tend to be fixated on their kids’ grades, but grades are not the final measure of a young person. Character is. READ MORE »
Home & Garden
Kit Flynn
There are certain facts that I hold to be true. Dryers eat socks. There is no such thing as a quiet terrier. And lawn maintenance, not baseball, is the great American pastime. READ MORE » 
Fred Cicetti
The primary benefits of meditation are immediate relaxation and a better understanding of how your body, mind and spirit work together so that you can handle stressful situations. READ MORE » 
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