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Are you fulfilling your responsibilities for freedom?
Are you fulfilling your responsibilities for freedom?
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September 21, 2017
Jeanne Gladden
While soldiers fight for freedom abroad, those on American soil are too quick to forget their own responsibilities in sustaining freedom. READ MORE »
Fred Cicetti
Many health ailments arise simply through the passage of time, but some steps can be taken to mitigate the outcomes. READ MORE »
Simon Reich, The Conversation
It is a short distance from Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue to the United Nations headquarters on First Avenue, but these are different worlds. READ MORE »
Charles Bayer
What we call something affects how we view it, yet words do not change the reality of the situation. READ MORE »
Teresa Wiltz, Stateline
In response to the growing opioid epidemic, a path paved by rehabilitation and education emerges for students. 
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